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Hello, I'm Daniel and I am a certified personal trainer & nutrition advisor based at the Gym Group in Huddersfield, HD1 5DG near the town centre.


I have a passion to inspire and motivate people to take that first step of achieving their fitness goals. Helping people with their mental & physical health through fitness is my main priority.

My aim is make sure my client's needs are met, whether that is weight loss, muscle gain, improve fitness levels or even improving your self confidence. Whatever your goal is, I am motivated to help you feel the best you have ever felt and move the smoothest you have ever moved because in the end, being happy with yourself and having that confidence is what's important.

Exercising can be hard, I understand that, it's all about finding your "why?" and your motivation because that is what will keep you going. As your one on one personal trainer, I will remind you of your "why" and help you keep moving forward.

I understand each person is different and have unique fitness goals which is why all of my training and nutrition plan will be personal and bespoke to suit you. If you are unsure on how the process works, don't worry, as your personal trainer, I will guide you through each step and make sure you are not alone in this journey of yours.​

Start your journey today with a FREE consultation with me. I will be happy to answer every question you may have and talk you through the process step by step. 

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"I was too scared to join the gym "

My fitness journey began in college. I was skinny, felt weak and I was too scared to join the gym. I thought it was going to be filled with big muscular people who were going to look at me and laugh because I didn't know what I was doing or how skinny I was. Fast forward to the present and joining the gym was one of the best decisions I have ever made. What helped was having someone to go with. Gaining that confidence has enabled me to become stronger and fitter. My aim is to help others gain confidence too.

Let's Work Together