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5 tricks to motivate yourself to exercise!

Updated: Apr 18

5 tricks to motivate yourself to exercise

Exercising is fun but starting it can be so daunting for people, especially everything that has happened within the past year. You're not alone. Anyone who has tried exercising or thinking about it knows that the battle is often more mental than physical. This blog looks at 5 tricks that could help.

1) Start small, not big

" Exercising as little as 10-15 minutes a day in the beginning still makes a difference."

The idea of doing an hour of intense workout will put anybody off especially if you haven’t worked out in a long time but the beauty of exercising is that there’s no rules when it comes to time. Exercising as little as 10-15 minutes a day in the beginning still makes a difference. You can start by simply going on walks then progressing it further each week.

2) Surround yourself with support

We are more likely to do something if we have support or someone next to us doing the same as us. That shouldn’t be any different to exercising. Find a partner to train with or get help from the people in your life. Great way to keep you on track.

3) It has to be fun

Why do it if you’re not enjoying yourself? Find a workout that suits you and one that you will enjoy doing. There are so many types of workouts and exercises. Don’t limit yourself to the one that the internet tells you to do. Be creative.

4) Don't put pressure on yourself

We live in a society where we have look good all the time because social media tells us to, without knowing, this puts pressure on so many people. Be kind to yourself and your body. Most of the time, we don’t like doing stuff when we HAVE to, we like doing stuff when we WANT to.

5) Reward yourself!

I’m not saying order yourself a massive takeaway after the workout (as much as that would be nice) because that will undo what you have just done but find other ways to treat yourself. Sometimes it’s the little things like taking a relaxing bath.

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