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5 ways to improve your sleep!

Updated: Apr 18

5 ways to improve your sleep

As we know, sleep is important, it uses that time to help restore the body especially when exercising, but sometimes, no matter how much we try to get a good night sleep, there are people who struggle. Below are some tips that could help those who struggle to sleep.

1) Create a comfortable sleep environment

One of the best ways to improve your sleep hygiene is to improve your environment. The bedroom should be kept cool before bedtime. No phone or tv screens an hour before bedtime, reading a book is a great way to reduce and calm your brain activity. If possible, don’t have the light on in your bedroom before bedtime, it will trick your mind into thinking it’s daytime, use a dimmed light if possible.

Consider blackout curtains or eye shades to help reduce the amount of light entering your bedroom in the morning, especially in the summer. Avoid spending so much time in your bedroom during the day.

2) Have a regular bedtime routine

Having a routine will help the body recognise that it is bedtime and it will naturally become tired. A routine can consist of reading a book before bedtime, having a relaxing bath or doing some light stretches, anything that will help you relax. Avoid heavy activities before attempting to sleep.

3) Avoid going to bed on an empty stomach

You shouldn’t eat or drink so close to your bedtime (especially caffeine or alcohol), that is true, but you shouldn’t go to sleep on an empty stomach either because your body could become hungry during the night and wake you up. Try a light snack half hour before bedtime like some fruit to keep your body satisfied throughout the night. It’s all about creating a routine that works for you.

4) Ensuring enough exposure to natural light

Exposing yourself to natural light will help your body recognise when it is daytime and when it is night time. It helps to maintain a healthy sleep-wake cycle. Little walks can be a great way as you are exposed to some fresh air too.

5) Exercise helps promote good sleep

As little as 10-15 minutes of exercise during the day, such as walking, cycling or resistance training, can improve sleep quality.

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