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I pride myself in giving the best possible personal training services to my clients by making sure their needs are met. Below are some testimonials given by my clients. Find out how I can help you with a FREE consultation.

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" Excellent personal trainer. I am an unfit 67-year old and Dan has been very understanding of my needs; he has developed an evolving plan which pushes me further each week and I feel I am making good progress. He is personable, and his manner is gentle but firm, he encourages enthusiastically and applauds achievements. "


" Dan is a really good personal trainer, who evaluated my strengths and weaknesses and actually helped my anxiety when it came to going to the gym. He has managed to motivate me to try harder and still come into the gym even at my low points. "


" Dan is a great PT. He knows individuals strengths and weaknesses and plans the session around you, all the while keeping it challenging. Dan keeps each session fresh and interesting and also slightly tougher. He pushes and motivates you when you need it with his 'one more rep' mentality. Highly recommended. "


" I had a really difficult time in 2019-2020, on medication that just messed my body and mental state up bad. Started training with Dan this year and in just a few months I feel absolutely amazing, good about myself, I’m so much healthier and excited to push my goals every session 😊 He’s extremely kind and patient with my chaotic life and being busy all the time, always makes time around my schedule and goes at my pace without letting me fall behind! 100/10 recommend "